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Since 1998 we have fought to defend the rights of thousands of people charged with DUI and other crimes.  we can help you.  give us a call today. >

My name is Matthew Hale and I am founder of Hale Law Enterprises.  I can help you when you are investigated or charged with a crime.  A criminal offense is very serious and can result in substantial jail time, fines, and other penalties for you.  You need an experienced, aggressive criminal attorney to defend you if you are charged with a crime.  My firm has a very strong record of getting criminal charges reduced and dropped in the courts of Washington state.  We have experience in handling cases just like yours from start of finish, arraignment to trial. Since 1998, I have dedicated my career to defending good people just like you.  I have handled high-profile cases and even worked with NBA athletes to further their careers.  I truly enjoy helping anyone in need of a great defense, and I'm sure we can help you.

Learn about our firm and feel free to give us a call now to review your specific case.  we are happy to give free consultations over the phone. >

I have successfully handled 1000s of cases as an attorney, most resulting in reductions, dismissals, and acquittals.  I have practiced for over 20 years in a hundred courts, including the very same court in which you may be charged.  I appear in court every week defending every type of criminal case.  It is important for you to know all of your legal options in every situation.  Please feel free to call us at 206-618-6560 to discuss any legal issues you might have.  My firm cares about each one of our many clients and we want to help you.