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White collar crimes are nonviolent offenses that involve fraud, deceit, and concealment for financial gain and typically occur in a business, commercial, or financial setting. Since these crimes often involve large amounts of money and many victims, a conviction can result in harsh criminal penalties or even federal charges.

If you have been accused of committing a white collar crime in Seattle, look no further than Hale Law Enterprises to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom from serious charges. We can thoroughly examine your case, determine your available legal options, and help you obtain the most favorable outcome in court.

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Common Types of White Collar Crimes

A sociologist named Edwin Sutherland coined the phrase “white collar crime” in a 1939 speech to the American Sociological Society in Philadelphia. He used the term to describe crimes committed by respectable individuals who possess a high social status. According to the FBI, the motivation for these crimes is to obtain or avoid losing money or property, or to gain a business or personal advantage.

Common types of white collar crimes include:

  • Fraud – Intentionally deceiving one or more people to unfairly or unlawfully gain something of value through misrepresentation. There are many forms of fraud, from bank and credit card fraud to healthcare and tax fraud.
  • Embezzlement – This offense occurs when a person entrusted by an employer or someone else to handle money or property uses their position to improperly deprive the other party of their funds or property.
  • Money laundering – When money from criminal activities undergoes a series of transactions to make the funds appear clean or legitimate, this is known as money laundering. A common scheme is filtering money through a legitimate cash-based business.
  • Ponzi schemes – Named after Charles Ponzi, this is a type of investment scam that offers investors significantly high returns for little to no risk. The purpose is to attract new investors to pay the older ones, but once there are no more new clients, then the scheme collapses and the investors are left with huge losses.
  • Tax evasion – Attempting to avoid taxes you owe is considered tax evasion. Common examples include filing tax returns using false information or illegally transferring assets to avoid tax obligations.
  • Racketeering – Carrying out illegal activity on behalf of an organization is known as racketeering, also called “organized crime.”

Facing White Collar Crime Charges? Our Firm Can Help!

White collar crimes are punishable by both state and federal laws. It is imperative to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through the complexities of your case and defend you from start to finish. Do not wait to reach out to Attorney Matthew Hale to let us get started on your case.

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