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""One of the things I appreciated about Mr. Hale is his availability, always able to answer my questions timely.""

Mr. Hale was able to get my son's charges reduced and deferred! This was such a relief to us. One of the things I appreciated about Mr. Hale is his availability. He was always able to answer my questions timely. In fact, when I first called to consult with him, he answered his own phone! I thought it would be an answering service or someone from his office. Maybe it was just good timing, but I was able to explain my situation and from that moment through the entire case, he was a pleasure to work with. Calm, reassuring, professional and excellent at getting the best possible outcome for my son. I recommend him 100% without hesitation.

Former Client Everett, WA
      "Attorney Hale is trustworthy! Highly recommend him."

      Attorney Hale helped me with a complicated case recently. He was very easy to work with and I found him to be trustworthy. Attorney Hale was there to answer all my questions patiently whenever I contacted him. He helped to keep my record clean. I highly, recommend him.

      Manali San Jose, CA

      Matt is a great Attorney, always available for you, and represents you very well! Recommend him to anyone!

      Blake E.

      I really appreciated how friendly and how smooth the process went. And I have Matt to thank for that. Thanks for defending me and for helping me out in this matter.

      Zackery R.

      Matthew was great, excellent at answering any questions you have, overall very satisfied.

      Nguyen H.

      Matt was great to work with. Calming, reassuring, understood my issue and delivered on his expert advice. Thank you

      Matthew V.

      Matt was very professional and handled my case in timely fashion. He communicated well too. I trust him to represent me in the case.

      Lidan Li

      Matt was attorney. I liked his approach, no nonsense person. Clear with next steps. Well experienced. I did not spend any thing more than agreed upon. Kept in the proceedings from beginning till disposition of the case. I will recommend Matt to represent any one who needs help.

      Laksh G.
      "Call Hale Law!!"

      Contacted Matt EXTREMELY late for representation with what was going to have a uncomfortable outcome a weighted outcome that very easily would not go in my favor. Had anxiety that was running rampant through my mind and explained what issues I was having just dealing with it all hence the excuse of presenting such a involved case at the last possible moment. Not only did Matt not chastise me for the late proposal he laid out what I was looking at but followed up with a personal offer and egarness to take me through the process. It took me hours on the internet looking for the right relationship coupled with records of above average dismissals especially in mandatory min cases. Its difficult to weed through the landscape of choices when they all claim to be the best at what they do, i would at the least call Hale Law and listen to what they have to offer you may just find that separation your looking for....

      Joshua O. Seattle, WA

      Everything was perfect. Thanks

      Juan C.
      "Matt Hale delivers!"

      For a first-time DUI offender, having to deal with the charge and understanding the legal processes, procedures and repercussions was absolutely a nightmare for my friend who has never had a brush with the law. To get matters worse, his English language proficiency is limited making the legalese in the letters overwhelming. I helped my friend enlist the services of a DUI lawyer straight from the internet. I felt it was a long shot because many have equally good reviews but one never really knows until after the case is concluded, hence, the initial consult was crucial. For me, getting routed to answering machines many times indicates potential lawyer accessibility issues in the future. But with Hale Law Enterprises, I got a text and a call back quickly from Attorney Hale and in no time, my friend's crucial concerns were answered. Attorney Hale clearly laid out the way to go, gave a clear picture of the possible outcome, as well as the costs/fees. No surprises down the road. His firm grasp of the case in its entirety assuaged my friend’s fears, and thus he was able to get past the influx of debilitating fears and anxiety that came with the experience. That alone was already a win! Throughout the process, Attorney Hale was very patient in answering text messages and explaining details. He was very helpful in accessing resources for the case and in keeping the client abreast with the progress of the case as well as getting the best outcome for the client. With Attorney Hale’s expertise and experience, he adeptly guided my friend out of the DUI quagmire, successfully worked to reduce the charge to reckless driving, which exceeded our expectations. My friend was thankful and very happy with the results. Overall, our experience with Hale Law Enterprises was a positive one. Matt Hale delivers! Will recommend this seasoned lawyer.

      "He will make sure to get you the best outcome for your case!"

      Working with Mr. Hale is such a pleasure! He explains everything to you in a quick and concise way, and he will make sure to get you the best outcome for your case! Well known in the courts and will go toe to toe with the judge for you if need be! It’s good to have Hale Law on your side

      "Matthew helped me 100% threw the whole process"

      To start I’d like to say Thank you to Matthew Hale and his team - I was a nervous wreck for doing something silly and dumb - At 60 years old being a business owner- husband -father of 3 -and a grandpa I made a bad decision - and really did t need this in my life -but Matthew helped me 100% threw the whole process- always returned my calls and texts - always had a calming and proper answer as well as making me feel as if I was part of the Hale family - I can’t stress enough if you have made a mistake maybe 2 this is where you turn to - I couldn’t ask for more –

      Former Client
      "He got my case dismissed and I will forever be grateful"

      I had a DUI in Seattle, called Matthew Hale, and he knew everything about the issues. He got my case dismissed and I will forever be grateful. It was the only time I had this happen and I'm happy to have kept my record clean. Very highly recommended.

      "I recommend him to anyone charged with any crime."

      I hired Mr. Hale to defend me in a very serious felony charge. I was very worried about the situation, and he made me feel so much better, especially when he got my case dismissed and saved me from spending years in prison. Thank you to Mr. Hale for being extremely professional and I recommend him to anyone charged with any crime.

      Former Client
      "Mr. Hale got my charges dismissed and kept my record clean."

      I was charged with Assault in King County. It was a very serious charge and could have wrecked my life. Mr. Hale got my charges dismissed and kept my record clean. He was very accessible throughout the entire process, and returned all e-mails and texts. He was not cheap, but he performed an amazing service for me.

      Former Client
      "He was able to get a very good deal for my son"

      I hired Matt Hale when my 19 year old son got his 2nd MIP (minor in possession) charge. I was worried about the case since my son's first charge happened the same year as the second. In my opinion, it wasn't looking good. However, Matt assured us he could help and he did! Matt has solid connections and legal experience in Seattle. He's well respected, very professional and knows how to negotiate for his clients. He was able to get a very good deal for my son. We couldn't have done this without Matt's expertise. I was extremely impressed with his confidence, knowledge of the Seattle courts and his solid ability to negotiate with the Prosecutor. Matt was responsive via email and I had no problem reaching him. Most attorneys are in court during the day, so telephone calls aren't the most effective way to reach them. Plus, I like to have legal information in writing so email works for me! I highly recommend Matt.

      "He was able to win my case and I was very pleased with the result."

      I am a professional living in Seattle. I was originally charged with a felony vehicular assault charge. I have never had to hire an attorney before and I was very calmed by Mr. Hale's demeanor. He was a very cool person under pressure and he was also this way in court. He was able to win my case and I was very pleased with the result. I have already sent two friends to Mr. Hale who had DUI charges.

      "Mr. Hale had a special talent and there was something about him that impressed everyone who I saw him deal with."

      I retained Mr. Hale on a DUI charge out of King County. I was charged with my 3rd DUI in 5 years. He was able to work out a deal where I got my case dismissed. I was very impressed by his collegial staff and how professional they all were, but in court, Mr. Hale had a special talent and there was something about him that impressed everyone who I saw him deal with. He was an amazing advocate for me and I owe him a great debt of gratitude. Thank you.

      "Mr. Hale is the best attorney in Seattle!"

      Mr. Hale is the best attorney in Seattle. He got my case dismissed when I didn't think there was any way that it could. My charges were drug charges, I attempted to enter a federal court with drugs in my purse. He negotiated the case and the prosecutor agreed to drop everything. I am indebted to him and I will always send my friends to him when they get into trouble.

      Former Client

      I was extremely impressed with Mr Hale’s professionalism and timely manner in response time. Appreciated detailed descriptions on policies and procedures. Would highly recommend this law firm.

      Kathleen F.
      "Great man to have in your corner."

      Mr. Hale was very professional and knowledgeable during the entire process of dealing with my DUI. This was my first offense and he took me through all the steps with respect and diligence. He knew the perimeters of exactly what my best options were, guiding me on what to do to best benefit me during the whole ordeal. Very comforting to have someone like this on your side.

      "Extremely impressed"

      I was extremely impressed with Mr Hale’s professionalism and timely manner in response time. Appreciated detailed descriptions on policies and procedures. Would highly recommend this law firm.

      "An attorney you can trust"

      I am so thankful to have Matt Hale handle my assault charge. This was my first offense, and his quick responses, knowledge of the process and optimism of a good outcome helped to reduce my stress. I would highly recommend this law firm.

      "Professional and Great Advocate"

      I found Mr. Hale to be quite professional. He responded quickly to my need for an attorney, explained thoroughly what service he would provide, talked about fees and even a payment plan. I really appreciated his honest and respectful answers to all of my questions. I never felt that I was being judged by Attorney Hale. And although I felt stressed and afraid, I never doubted his ability. If I had to, I would retain him again.

      "Helpful and fast"

      I would not have known about my court date if Matthew Hale had not mailed me. The court letter itself was slower than him and came 12 hours before I was supposed to be in court.


      I very much recommend him. Very helpful, smart and a good lawyer.

      Mary C.
      "Awesome service and help"

      Matt Hale as very professional and much more knowledgeable than anything that I could find online. I definitely needed an experienced attorney since the information that you can find by yourself online is very conflating and confusing. I give him 5 stars and appreciate his help.

      Lucas Seattle, WA