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Comprehensive Guide to Murder Charges in Washington State

Murder, undoubtedly the most infamous of all criminal charges, is simply one category under the umbrella term of homicide. Attorney Matthew Hale understands that facing a murder charge can be a scary time in your life. Our experieced attorneys are here to help.

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Murder typically connotes the premeditated or intentional killing of one person by the direct actions of another person. However, there are specific categories of murder charges that are important to delineate.

Understanding First Degree Murder in WA

According to the Washington statutes, a person is found to be convicted of first-degree murder when he or she is found to have:

  • Acted with premeditated intent to cause the death of another person
  • Been in the act of committing first or second-degree robbery, rape, burglary, arson, or kidnapping and in the course of doing so, he or she causes the death of a person other than the participants, he or she can be convicted of first-degree murder
  • Been manifesting an extreme indifference to human life and thus creates a grave risk of death that results in the death of another person

First-degree murder is a class A felony that results in a life sentence.

The Seattle murder defense lawyer at Hale Law Enterprises can help you to address the charges against you and work tirelessly against a conviction. Call today at (206) 207-4776.

Insights on Second Degree Murder in Seattle

A class A felony as well, a second-degree murder occurs when a person acts with intent, but not premeditation, to cause the death of another person. Additionally, if the defendant was found to have been in the act of committing any felony besides those described in first-degree murder, and while doing so causes the death of a person other than the participants, he or she can be convicted of second-degree murder.

Aggravated First Degree Murder Explained

If the defendant is found to have committed first-degree murder and a particular aggravating circumstance exists, he or she will be convicted of aggravated first-degree murder.

One of the many types of an aggravating circumstance is if the victim is an “on duty”:

  • Law enforcement officer
  • Fire-fighter
  • Corrections officer
  • Judge
  • Juror
  • Witness
  • Court attorney
  • Probation officer
  • Parole officer
  • Newspaper reporter and the murder was committed to hinder investigative research

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